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Glow in the Dark Billiards Pre-Sale

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This is a one time pre-sale for the Glow in the Dark Billiards Key set.  When it launches on techkeys, it will be not be this cheap.

16 Key Set including Glow in the Dark Legends and a Glow in the Dark Cue key - $25 + Shipping

10 Sets available at Pre-Sale Prices.  They will ship tomorrow.  The rest will go on sale in January.

Please PM me your paypal address and shipping address and an invoice will follow.

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Looks pretty cool. I wonder how they would look with white back lighting. Very tempted to pull the trigger, but I don't use my regular billiards set as it is

Glad I didn't get the former billiards set at this point :)

Sent you a pm

Are these doubleshots?


--- Quote from: kmiller8 on Wed, 19 December 2012, 21:23:48 ---Are these doubleshots?

--- End quote ---



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