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Recommended: Official GeekHack Laminated Key Checking and Layout Sheet

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I guess you could consider this a review, of sorts, but I ordered a GeekHack Fund Raiser Gold Pack from TechKeys this week. My primary reason for purchasing the pack, other than to help support, was for the GeekHack keys since I'm now attempting to collect them. The caps themselves are awesome, but the biggest surprise to me was the "Official GeekHack Laminated Key Checking and Layout Sheet".

Since getting back into mechanical keyboards over the last couple of months, I've purchased a KBT Race and a KBT Pure. As I look at all the group buys for key sets, I naturally want to be buy some and make sure that I'm getting the right sets. Both of my KBT series boards have some subtleties and it was a bit unclear to know if I needed to buy a Tsangan or not, or hunt for extra keys.

Maybe I'm a little slow, or simply need something tactile for information to get into my head, (Heh heh, maybe that would explain my love of clicky keyboards  :p ), but being able to pop off a key cap and place it on the GeekHack Key Check sheet for measurement has been a big help.

If you're new to mechanical keyboards, as I am, then I highly recommend that you pick up this pack just so you can get this sheet. As a bonus, you can also:

- Try out the IMSTO thick PBT that you read so much about
- Get two kick ass GeekHack ABS doubleshot G&H keys as well as a modifier keys
- Feel the difference between ABS and PBT  with the GeekHack PBT dyesub esc key
- Get a random novelty key (it's like Cracker Jacks!)
- And of course support your beloved GeekHack in the process.

Highly recommended and thank you TechKeys for putting together such a wonderful pack.

I actually just snagged one of those PBT caps but I didn't know that it was PBT. I just thought it was a really sweet GH key. Now I'm really excited to get it.

When I bought the January GH pack, I just bought the sheet a la carte. I kinda wish I bought the whole thing now. But I'm excited to get the sheet since I've been wondering where people got it from. I've been seeing that on GH since Day 1 and didn't realize I could get it myself.

Come on package....get here sooner!

And it's laminated as well, bonus :)

Just be sure NOT to cut your envelope open.  And hopefully the postal service does not bend it.  Mind has a slight crease in one end - could have been much worse.

After your debacle, I started writing on each package "DO NOT CUT" on the edge and also "DO NOT BEND" in huge letters.

I saw the "do not cut", but I was aware of that anyway.  I am always careful opening packages.

Someone, Australia Post?, managed to put a small crease in the right side.  It's noticeable, but the laminating has not split, and does not detract from it.


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