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To Bruce: Filco Tenkeyless enquiry

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Would it be possible for you to get more Filco Tenkeyless keyboards, other than the ZERO model? I'm desperate to get one with the Cherry MX Black switches, but the importing costs from the US turn me off.

Looking forward to your answer.


Why are you acting like a jerk? Where exactly I said that I expect others to "jump to my attention"? This is a company that imports these keyboards and I just asked if it was possible for them to import a specific model which happens to be one of the most popular keyboards of this specific brand, on a forum board which was created for this purpose. "Do not hesitate to ask anything", I believe iMav said that. And it's not like I'm demanding anything from them, more like asking if they will have it and when.

Also, if you don't happen to know, there are other advantages to buying it from UK instead of US than that "twenty dollars" that you referred to.

So piss off.

He is not acting like a jerk. He is just being webwit. Besides the tenkeyless board comes standard with brown cherry switches. All other switches are special order only and you have to purchase a bunch of them to get it even then. For instance the only reason elitekeyboards has boards with blue cherry switches is because they placed a special order for them and then purchased a bunch of them. elitekeyboards was willing to do this because we convinced them that there was enough demand for them.

Guess what.. I do not have a job at the moment, unlike like many people here do. So I don't deserve my Filco keyboard if I don't pay 210 dollars and try to shave some unnecessary costs off of it so I don't have to eat crackers for rest of the month?

Let's say they ordered these keyboards because I asked for it and Bruce would let me know. So your saying I would be careless enough to go and buy it from 2nd hand instead. Just for you to know, I was about ->


--- Quote from: rdjack21;115061 ---He is not acting like a jerk. He is just being webwit.
--- End quote ---


jk, webwit has his good days and his bad days, dont take it personally cuz it wont do any good ;)


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