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G80-3000LSCGB-2 - Blank keys??

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Hi Guys,

Was looking to buy one of the above keyboards at the end of the month and was wondering if it was possible to order a blank key set from Cherry at all? I read someone mention on another forum that this might be possible and wondered if you could find out for me?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Adam.

Welcome to Geekhack.
This is something a few people have asked about, and I am working on it.
The way Cherry like to do it is a bit difficult commercially and surprisingly complicated, so i'm looking to find a way to make it happen at a reasonable cost. I haven't moved it forward as much as I would have liked but hopefully I will have some more definite news soon.

Thanks for the quick reply Bruce. I might just go ahead and purchase the keyboard now anyway and get the keys at a later date. I'm assuming if they allow you to sell the blank keyboard they'll also ship spares of the keys too at a later date?


Yes, no harm in ordering the keyboard first. I'll have to do the caps as an 'extra' anyway, so it won't make any difference.

Considering that the Das 2 was just the G80 with Blank caps and custom logo, I'm sure it would be possible somehow. Unless they got someone else to make the caps?


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