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Hi vhaarr

I am really sorry to hear about this, I can't apologise enough. comes onto my desk and I answer everything, even the awkward stuff. I don't remember seeing this one.
I can't imagine what happened, email is not 100% reliable I guess. And I am human.
Funnily enough we did get an enquiry that day, for 2 of the same model, from your neck of the woods, which was replied to.
For the record, there is nothing about the email that would have been a problem to us. We make our living selling people keyboards and if those people have questions we answer them. That's what we do - I don't have more important work.

Here's the pure text e-mail in case you want to investigate further (don't do so on my account, just in case something might be wrong with your e-mail provider or something). It is possible that your reply ended up in my gmails Spam folder, I guess? I don't check it regularly. However that would be strange, I've never had any false positives in there before (that I know of, hehe).

I didn't mean to sound awkward or hostile or anything in the e-mail, it's just that from how your website looks it seemed to me that you deal more in large quantities and orders tailored towards businesses or government institutions, for example, so I thought maybe my order would not be the top priority of the day.

I was just being humble, I never intended to be picky or anything. I guess it's just the way I write that makes me come off strange sometimes. I don't sprinkle my texts with fifty smilyfaces, for example. Simply because I don't sit around grinning like an idiot all day :P Doesn't mean I'm angry or anything, it's just reality.

In any case, apology accepted :)


--- Quote from: webwit;144695 ---Really? It looks more like a small shop to me.
--- End quote ---

From the "About Us" section I learned that the company was quite old, the "Returns" and "Trade" pages list "Company" as the first data entry, their price list does NOT include VAT by default, phone support is listed as the main entry to the company, and the website is not carefully designed, leading me to believe it's more of an "added" way to deal with KeyboardCo, and not the preferred way (which would be business deals in person and via phone).

These things combined lead me to believe KeyboardCo was a company focused on the larger business and government markets and not tailored towards individual customers like myself.

Which is not a bad thing at all, quite the opposite in fact, but that's why I wrote the last part of my mail where it says

--- Quote ---Please note that a simple list of answers from you such as the following;
"The answers to your questions are, in order; Yes, no, no and no."
Will be sufficient, I do not wish to keep you from more important work.
--- End quote ---

Which I'm guessing is the part keyb_gr "objected" to.

And don't get me wrong, all the qualities above appeal to me, and I like them, that's why I e-mailed them first instead of going directly to :)

Hi vhaar

Feedback is very valuable. Our IT manager is investigating to see if we can learn something from this so the headers will be useful. Thanks.

Usually, if there is a big email outage you can't help but notice, it is the odd stray like this that's more frustrating and difficult to deal with.
It won't be in your spam folder, I never got the enquiry and never replied.
I would ask anyone who does email me to please feel free to send a chase up email if they haven't had a reply in 24 hours because we all aim to answer emails within 24 hours so you can assume there is a problem. Allowing for weekends.

I don't want anyone to think we've got bigger fish to fry. You are correct in that we also deal trade and public sector, but believe me, it is a pleasure to deal with you guys as you tend to know pretty much what you want and what you are talking about. This makes my life much easier.

The Keyboard Company was started 20 years ago because keyboards available to the trade were not available to the wider public. It was then and is now our wish to correct that. We have never had a minimum order value and every single customer is valuable to us.


Turns out there was a problem that day. We couldn't connect to our ISP for a few hours. We were told that no email had been lost - seems that was not 100% true.

Anyone know of a bullet proof email service?


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