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Active PS/2 to USB adaptor?

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Hi Bruce.

Just thought I'd throw this out there on behalf of all the UK and Euro owners of PS/2 boards.

Do you do an active PS/2 to USB adaptor? Any chance you can try it on an M?

If so, and it works, let me know when it's on your site, and I'll place an order.


Yes we've got them here:-
We originally went for this one because it was the only one we found that worked on Maltrons, years ago before Maltron made a USB model.
To my shame, I don't think we have an M to test it on.
Full refund if you buy it and it doesn't work - sound fair?

Yeah, I'll play guinea pig on that one.

You will have a PM. If it works with other picky boards, I suspect an M will be fine. Enjoy your Xmas though, I'm not in a rush for this.

If it works, I plan on voiding the warranty anyway, so may be able to give you (and GH) some more information on it's internals. It's going inside an M (Assuming I get another controller for it), and doing a Ripster style "native" USB mod to it. Just for kicks, if there's enough current left to spare from the adaptor, I may even backlight it with LED's.

You need to get an M though... What self-respecting multi-vendor Keyboard company doesn't own one? :tongue:

Hi Bruce.

Placed an order. I'll report back and assuming it works, you can put it on your site that it works with the legendary Model M ;-)

Thanks InSanCen

Happy New Year!
We're back in action on the 4th so expect delivery a day or two after that.
It will be helpful to know for sure if they'll work with an M. Many thanks.


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