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[SOLD] YMDK Wings (Alice Style keyboard)



Selling my YMDK Wings keyboard (keycaps not included).  I bought this as a kit and assembled it myself using Cherry MX Silent Red switches.  It's in perfect condition functionally and cosmetically.  I'm only selling it because I don't think the Alice layout is for me.

* Keycaps not included
* YMDK's "wine red" color
* Programmable - see manual.  If you don't feel comfortable programming it yourself, I can program it for you.
* The PCB has hotswap switch mounts.  I can remove the MX Silent Red switches before shipping if you want.
Asking $150 $125 ($125 $100 without switches) shipped CONUS (shipping and PP fees included).  Keycaps not included.

FWIW, the kit is $165 directly from YMDK before shipping, comes with almost everything you need (except switches), and requires no soldering - the barrier of assembly is much lower than usual.

Lowered prices



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