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GMK Zooted Cerakote Aviators now LIVE at PEXON!



Ladies and Gentleman

We may be late to the party, but hey, its cool to be late right?!

May be introduce our contribution to futurecrimes epic GMK Zooted.

We have 5 different cerakote options and 3 different sleeving options to match

Cerakote options : -

A- Jungle
B- Piff Pink
C- Cosmic
D- Purple Haze
E- OG Kush

Sleeving options : -

A- MDPC-X Transparent with 550 Silver-blue
B- MDPC-X Vivid Violet with 550 Purple
C- MDPC-X Weed Dreams with 550 Safety Green

Want to grab one? Check them out here: -


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