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Pexon PCs offer a bespoke high quality service for a plethora of cable applications. We use only the highest quality components to create a unique and reliable cable for easy integration into your PC, keyboard or audio set up.

All of our cables are made to order with the emphasis on quality, we only send out our products after they have been adequately tested and the quality scrutinized. We do not ship any cable if we were not happy to receive it ourselves, even if this means we start from scratch, so be it.

For information on products in the following categories, check the links below:-

USB Cables:-
Audio Cables:-
PC Cables:-
Clearance items (when in stock):-



All of our products can be ordered through our webstore ( If you cannot find the specific item you are interested in (such as a certain sleeving colour or style) we can accommodate 99% of custom inquiries, please contact: for additional information, quotes and any other questions. All orders are completed on average within 5 working days, however during sales, holidays and busy periods, it can take up to 10 working days for us to create your bespoke cable. ALL standard paracord and matte sleeving are kept in stock with 10m+ of each colour at minimum, this enables speedy turn around for 95% of orders.

We can process payment for all orders through PayPal, credit and debit card (through Stripe), BitCoin and Bank Transfer (UK)/ wire (worldwide).
If you are interested in ordering from us, you can see a wide variety of example cables via the following methods:-
imgur album:-

Whats in the Pipeline?

We endeavor to provide a variety of exciting new products, cables, keyboards and even more, here is a list of what we are currently looking to get in stock, elaborate on and add to
* Single keycaps (novelty, Gasmask, blank singles, keycap set singles)
* Full keycap sets (CtrlAlt, PBT (ISO and ANSI), mods, tsangans etc to suit, RGB modifiers and so on.
* More keyboards. We endeavor to provide even more boards, epically for UK/ EU customers, we focus on 60% and TKL boards with an emphasis on easy modification and customization, e.g. Poker 2.
* PCBs, we are looking at stocking DIY PCBs and ready to go (diodes etc soldered) PCBs for 60% and TKL
* Cases. The 60% cases will be in stock in the store in the next few months with the possibility of custom Ergo Dox cases and faceplates as well as TKL aluminium cases.
* We aim to provide IN STOCK, ready to ship PC cables for all major PSU brands for simple integration into all computers; this means we will stock a variety of cables for Corsair, Seasonic and Silverstone PSUs in a plethora of colours in stock for same day dispatch, no need to void warranty/ sacrifice stock cables.
* As well as offering in stock replacement PC cables we are planning on offering a range of accessory cables such as fan splitters, SATA, Molex cables etc with stock for same day dispatch
* Customization. We aim to expand on custom work (keyboard assembly, engraving, custom cables, cases and so on). We have some exciting new contacts coming to the table, which will enable us to provide even more bespoke products (read more cool stuff)! Our cables are currently available for purchase from:-

Keyboard Co (UK, Filco cables):-
Tech Keys (US):-


31st March 2014:- Samples sent to a very exciting potential supplier, we will update as and when we are allowed to divulge additional information.
1st April 2014:- Moved to Artisan sub-forum
22nd June 2014:- Added FAQ to website


3rd April 2014 - 1st OP Revision
1st June 2014- 2nd OP Revision
22nd June 2014- 3rd OP Revision

Thanks for stopping by.

James Churchill

Owner/ Operator of Pexon PCs


lol LCS, gj bro, haven't even got the thread up and running yet  8)

Update: Thursday 3rd April 2014 - 1st OP Revision

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