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New Keeb Modding Section @ PEXON!



Hi guys! We are now live with our new keyboard modding section on our site:-

This is the first in a new range of ever expanding parts for DIY, we will be adding to this section often.

First off, we have gold plated and stainless steel springs for MX, ALPS and Box switches, gold plated and OG Cherry Stabs, wires and Kailh Click bars. There is a large range of spring weights available, for all switch varities, including the god like 72g (try it in smooth linears)!

All pre-orders will ship early October and will ship free to the UK, if you order other hand made items, such as cables, the springs will ship before the cable is made, so no waiting around and no extra postage costs.

We will also look at adding DIY Cable kits to accompany the MDPC-X DIY range for PC cables. Let me know what you'd like to see! Thanks for looking!

<3 James/pex


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