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3-in-1 Clicky, Tactile, Linear switch

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I got as far as a pic of three switches on my computer and not that far on my phone so the magic is still a mystery.  Sounds like a great idea though!

The difference between a clicky and a tactile Alps switch is that the clicky switch's click leaf can move: it slams against the wall of the housing to make the noise whereas the tactile non-clicky switch's leaf stays put.
The difference between a linear and a tactile/clickyAlps switch is that the linear does not have a tactile leaf.

Some adjustable leaf holder perhaps?


--- Quote from: Zeal on Sat, 23 May 2020, 12:36:18 ---:) Coming soon.

No permanent modifications required or swapping different leafs. One switch package can do all 3 modes.

Clicky - Alps inspired click
Tactile - BKE Heavy level tactility
Linear - Linear

--- End quote ---

I'm imagining something like three little buttons on the housing that alter the switch-type. However, I'm prepared to be disappointed on that front.

Would that be a switch on a switch?


You're gonna have to open the switch in order to change it's "modes". Not ideal IMHO as Zealio/Gateron top housing are well known to become looser & looser with each opening. Also these will only work as intended with HS & solder boards that have a plate with switch top opening cutouts. I think these are gonna be a pretty neat novelty switch to mess around with, but not gonna be worth daily driving in a high end board.

Edit: On second thought they make be worth DDing in clicky or tactile "mode" since I believe these are using an SKCM ALPS like leaf to generate click & tactility. TBH though, I'd rather see Zeal release 2 dedicated switches for them instead of the transforming gimmick.

So eh, what happened with this?


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