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Bahrnob65 Went Rogue, No Communication or Promise of Delivery


Hey guys, not sure which forum to even post this in but I really want some help from the community. But the groupbuy organiser has gone MIA and stopped all communications. Probably less than a quarter of the boards have been delivered before he disappeared, based on the Discord. I'm really disappointed that I can't do a chargeback because the purcahse was made years ago and I was holding onto hope that maybe the guy (Kalakos) would own up and deliver his promise. Any legal advice? There's been some attempts in the Discord community with filing complaints but to no avail. All the keyboards are supposedly made, they're just not being packed and delivered.

Legally you have near no grounds because it's well past the 6 month dispute (unless your country or state has specific protections). More and more are we seeing groupbuy scams, or situations like this. Hopefully you can get your products. Maybe trying to reach out to the manufacturer if you have that info.


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