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Cherry profile, nice and thick

Solid colors for now, I can mix colors to get almost everything you want. If I can't make the color, I will let you know and you can change colors.

Choose 1, 2 or 3 colors---pricing is the same no matter what

Top layer and middle layer look like what the picture shows, bottom layer is only on the inside and stem area and will not be seen when on a switch

These are not premade and are made when I have an opportunity to custom make your order

For now, there are only 5 slots--1 cap per person please Order all you want, I'll do them one by one


Pricing: $15 plus shipping. Each cap will be made over and over until I am satisfied. I will only send an invoice once I have made the cap and it is good. I'm a bit busy right now so there is a lead time of around two weeks

All profits go to funding better equipment. 3D designs are being worked on, and more colors will happen later.

I reserve the right to not take your order.

If you want to leave a comment, do so in the order form or via PM


What happened to Pac Caps?

put in an order :D

Sent in an order.

Very cool. Ordered!


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