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nub caps - Flash 5th Sale

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Sale goes live at 10AM PDT Saturday June 21, 2014


* State which caps you want in the thread.  Sale PMs will be ignored as will posts before the sale time
* If you edit your post, you lose your place.  You post what you want and it's first come first serve.
* Please limit yourself to 3 caps.  You can make a preference list of what you want.
* All prices include US shipping and paypal fees and I generally give discounts when you buy multiple caps.  International shipping is usually an additional $5 total, and may be less depending on how many caps you buy and the shipping method you opt for.
* If you can't afford one and really want one, post in here then PM me and we can work something out.  I'm a reasonable guy who is open to barters and trades.
* I also have a handful of seconds that I will randomly be tossing in as freebies.  Do not ask for these, they are to give out at my own discretion.
* Additional freebies may be included in the sale.  This has taken shape in many ways in the past, from Iwako erasers, to customo cap bags, to other artistic experiments.
I'll likely be out looking for some new cats when the sale goes live, so if you have any questions, make sure to ask them before then.

As always, I am open to key cap color ideas and am willing to make custom color combos for you as long as the mold isn't broken, just PM me if you want to talk.  Even if it's custom, resin only caps will never go over $20 shipped within the US (barring exotic or custom stuff ordered to make it).  The metal ones I'm working on may go for a little more.

As always, thanks for your support.  You've helped me keep experimenting and playing.

Now onto the sale.

Heart Caps:  These are cultural inspired caps in their design, some if just in name.  Each one references a book, movie, or song.  Not currently pictured is Heart of Glass.

Detail shots:


From Left to Right:

* Heart of Darkness - $15 - iamtootallforthis
* A Tell Tale Heart - $16 - iamtootallforthis
* Bleeding Heart - $14 - byker
* Bubblegum Heart - $14 - Frenir


* A Clockwork Heart - $18 - iamtootallforthis
I may do a future Apocalypse Now edition Heart of Darkness.  I'm always looking for new ideas as well.

Dolly:  Dolly the Yeti is my newest flight of whimsy. I love her, but she's not the easiest cap to make since she's a quadruple shot cap.  Each one is time intensive, so they're a little more expensive. 


From Left to Right bottom row:

* Milk Chocolate Dolly - $20 - Belfong
* Blueberry Pie Dolly - $20 - jalaj


From Left to Right bottom row:

* Mint Chocolate Chip - $10 - discounted because of the facial defect - jalaj
* Licorice Pastel - $20 - MythicalWagyu

Jonah: Jonah is inspired by the Biblical tale of Jonah and is a pastiche of the Gothic gargoyle.


From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

* Gothic Jonah - $16 - kenmai9
* Easter Jonah - $16 - kenmai9
* Jonah and the JellyFish - $16 - cmadrid


* Bubble Blast Scully - $10 - tigersharkdude

* Bubble Blast Ba'Man - $10 - skcheng
Wood Handled Key Cap Puller:  I made this a while ago, so I'm not 100% on the wood, but I believe it's Cocobolo

* Cap Puller - $20 - Belfong
Seconds/Freebies: Some pictured are already gone, but this is an idea of what will be available.

Do you have any topre caps going on sale? Or just MX?

Those heart caps are just fan-damn-tastic. Great work man!

They're looking great nubs, I'm looking forward to the sale.

Are we allowed to make a preference list?


--- Quote from: byker on Fri, 20 June 2014, 00:57:01 ---Do you have any topre caps going on sale? Or just MX?

--- End quote ---

All MX for now.

--- Quote from: bueller on Fri, 20 June 2014, 01:02:50 ---Those heart caps are just fan-damn-tastic. Great work man!

--- End quote ---

Thanks man.  I just finished A Clockwork Heart tonight and pictures should be up tomorrow.


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