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Killed By Kaps - 7/9 - Bags Of Regret Sale - MX/Topre [OVER]

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KILLED BY KAPS SALE 7/9 @ OVERSale is over Thank You for your interest! and support  all kaps have been sold<3
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Hey Dudes!

Welcome to another Killed By Kaps sale. This sale features the "Mummy II" design in both MX and Topre flavors.

Hello friends!

Well this is odd? No names? Jumbled photos?! Welcome to a "Bags of Regret Sale"! Trying something new with this one. Whats for sale is two caps in each bag, either both MX or both Topre. Completely randomly bagged and held as a surprise until you open them in your respective homes/boxes/apartments. Each bag will contain 2 Kaps, A sticker w/ each Kaps names, all wrapped tight in a skull baggie.

^^^Sample Bag w/ PB+J and Under The Sea


1 MX Bag of Regret - $30

1 Topre Bag of Regret - $30

Due to messages from *private collectors* whom wish to partake in a sale but have complained about having their names out in the open. I have decided to do a test run and see how an "email dibs only" sale goes. *This is not yet finalized and is subject to change prior to the start of the sale*

To order please send an email to the address provided with the subject line: (your GH username) and (MX or Topre) along with your address in the body.

*Again do not email until the countdown timer ends*

I. 1 bag limit per person
II. Please add 3.5% for paypal fees NO GIFT PAYMENTS
III. Bags are already sealed up, please do not request colors. I have no idea what caps are in what bags, they are simply marked "MX or Topre"

ConUS - Included in price
International - Please add $5 to your order

^^ Teasers of some of the Kaps

Thank you for your on going support!

This sale is meant to be fun and add a surprise element to the joy of collecting kaps. If you are disappointed easily and don't enjoy receiving random colors please stay away from this one.


Ooooh... bags of delicious regret.   :-*  Can't wait for this!

Didn't know if we were allowed to post in here. Holy crapppp.. Some amazing colors bro! Your quality is superb as well! The bag thing is a super wicked idea especially since I love all of your color designs. Stoked!

PB & J looks amazzzzinggggggg! Under the Sea is gorgeousss, love that shade!




--- Quote from: trizkut on Sun, 06 July 2014, 21:46:56 ---Show Image


--- End quote ---

Hahahah one of my fav movies.. Not even a single letter?  Knowim' sayin!


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