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Abducting your wallet, a Visitor sale...with a twist...and a pair of hearts

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The sale goes live at 2PM PDT on Sunday, August 10, 2014

A brief overview of the rules, and the twist will be explained further after the rules.


* State which caps you want in the thread.  Sale PMs will be ignored as will posts before the sale time
* If you edit your post, you lose your place.  You post what you want and it's first come first serve.
* US shipping is $3.  International shipping is usually an additional $8 total, depending on the shipping method you opt for.
* If you can't afford one and really want one, post in here then PM me and we can work something out.  I'm a reasonable guy who is open to barters and trades.
* There will not be any freebies this time due to the nature of the sale.  Sorry.
* Only shipping cost will be paid to me, everything else is donated.
* The charity must be a legitimate and reputable charity.  Please post a charity navigator link with the charity to confirm
Unlike my other sales, the only money that will be going to me this round is shipping cost.  So how does this work then?  Instead of paying me, you'll be paying a charity or Geekhack the cost of the cap.  So not only do you get a cap, but if you donate to charity, you get a tax deduction at the same time.  I don't care what charity it is as long as it's not a hate group.  I'd prefer the groups to be centered around making a difference instead of political change, but I won't dictate who you donate to as long as it's not the KKK, Westboro Baptist, or some other group like that.

Since I'm asking for a donation to a charity or Geekhack for these, I'm doing a minimum price for the caps.  You can donate more if you would like, but you cannot donate less.

After I confirm the caps you are getting with you, send your money to the charity and photograph or screenshot the confirmation.  If you use paypal, I'd like confirmation with paypal and the charity.  All donations must be made after the sale.  Anything dated prior to the sale will be ignored.  Once the donation is confirmed, Paypal me the shipping cost and I will get the package in the mail as soon as I can.

Why am I doing this?  As much as I would love and could use the money (especially after buying a Kingsaver), I really want to do something to give back.  I figure this is the least I could do.

As always, thanks for your support.  You've helped me keep experimenting and playing and I couldn't have done half the things I've done without your support.

Visitors - Sorry for not naming the colors...I'm feeling lazy today.

Triple shot Visitors

* #1 $11 minimum + shipping - Vaii
* #2 $11 minimum + shipping - kahaki
* #3 $11 minimum + shipping - theteam
* #4 $11 minimum + shipping - MythicalWagyu
Double shot Visitors

* #5 $9 minimum + shipping - Lingj
* #6 $9 minimum + shipping - clacktalk
* #7 $9 minimum + shipping - iamtootallforthis
* #8 $9 minimum + shipping - theteam
* #9 $8 minimum + shipping - Lingj
* #10 $8 minimum + shipping - mosthaggardbeast

I was trying a new mold design with these that's a three part mold instead of a two part to try and make it last longer.  As such, there is a line on the heart that you can see in the picture.  I'm not entirely happy with this, so the price will be lower than other hearts.

* #11 $12 minimum + shipping - Lingj
* #12 $12 minimum + shipping - jalaj
I'll be having a proper Dolly sale in the near future for those interested.

So excited for another chance at a heart cap (have you named the new ones?), and news of another Dolly sale in the future! You've got a few colorways on the Visitors that I really like too... if I manage to snag anything on Sunday I hope I can not only donate to charity but send some kind of thank you your way seeing as we are both neighbors and lovers of beer  ^-^ You've got a good heart mang, very kind of you to forgo profits for the benefit of others; this is exactly the kind of attitude that sucked me into Geekhack in the first place :thumb:

Despite that line, the black and pink heart still looks fantastic!

Visitor reboot?! Count me in like flint, prices to low nubs i hope you are accepting added donations.

* just read the rules thats awesome

ON MY BIRTHDAY? Oh nub you don't have to....


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