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Killed By Kaps - 8/23 [OVER] - Purples,Whites,Blues Sale - MX/Topre/BS

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SALE IS OVER! thank you all <3

Hey Dudes!

Welcome to another Killed By Kaps sale. This sale features the "Mummy II" design in so many flavors. The most noteable updates are the edition of buckling springs, and redesigned topre stems. As well as genuine doubleshots, no more dropping in resin after the caps have finished.  :p

Hello friends!

continuity sale! i have been painstaking recreating recipes and color matching kaps with each other. There are multiples of almost every kap. Quantities very between kaps "most" of these are not one off's!


BS ONLY! - $20 each
1. Diet Purple BS (light purple)
2. Give Up The Ghost BS (DS,purple eyes,white body)
3. Blaze Blue BS (metallic blue)

MX/Topre Solids - $15 each
4. Grave Grey (light Grey)
5. Diet Purple (light purple)
6. Blaze Blue (metallic blue)
7. Plagued Purple (metallic purple)

MX/Topre DoubleShots - $15 each
8. Give Up The Ghost (purple eyes,white body)
9. Paranoid Purple (diet purple w/ hypnotic eyes)
10. Poltergiest (purplish blue body, sky blue eyes)
11. Alpengiest (white face layered over blue)

MX/Topre Specials - $20 each
12. IceGiest (tri-color,poltergiest with trans body)
13. Mischief Plum Pink (dark plum that changes to neon pink when warm)

Close Ups
Buckling Springs




To order please send an email to the address provided with the subject line: (your GH username) and (KBK Sale) along with your address in the body. Please list your choices by the corresponding number with the switch type following.


HipsterPunks KBK Sale

*how many kaps you want (1-2)

Ron Jeremy
123 Fake Street
Jumanji , NJ, 66666

10. MX
6. Topre
1. BS
5. MX

etc etc etc

*Again do not email until the countdown timer ends*

2 kaps per person
Please add 3.9% for paypal fees NO GIFT PAYMENTS

ConUS - Included in price
International - Please add $5 to your order

thank you guys/gals for your on going support

<3 Hipster

Love the colors, man!  And multiples of most?  Damn, you've been busy. :)

Hell yeah HP. Go ahead with your bad self! :p

Looking forward to the sale! I am going to be all over number two.

So many beautiful colours, almost makes me sad that I got in on the last sale, cause I don't see myself getting in twice in a row.

I like the more simple color choices you've made.


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