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RIP Alessandro

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Just saw this, somehow I missed this thread. RIP Alessandro, I never got to interact with you directly, but now when it is too late, I wish I had.


This totally sucks.  I got to know him a little bit during a private dust-up (via PM's) that I had with him over some Clacks.  Well, the whole donnybrook was really about the price of the aforesaid Clacks.  But he was such a tough negotiator and fighter, I would've never thought he would be the kind of person who would resort to suicide.  But then again, you never know what somebody is going through.  We don't have any info to go on, so I can't speculate as to what happened.  Anyway, this sucks bigtime, because he was our GH brother. 

Wow, I totally didn't see this until now.  RIP Allesandro, cake in peace.

Depression is a tricky beast.  I lost a friend a few years ago to it, while I was still trying to deal with my own.

Bought a few things from Alessandro, always a pleasure to deal with. Think i got my turd cap from him. Haven't been around much lately and I noticed Moose having the cake in his avatar not realising why  :(

 RIP man


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