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Hello everyone,
It is very sad that I have to make a post like this as a mechanical keyboard lover and fan of coolermaster products, but I feel like I should let someone know about the experience I had with coolermaster customer support.
So I sent my first coolermaster QFR keyboard after less than one year of usage with great care when the backspace stopped working, after accepted RMA request. I had to check on the support to confirm they have received the shipment, because the shipment, according to the tracking number, was clearly sent to them and I had to contact the support and talk to them for 20 minutes to make them figure out what on earth was going on. After a week of no response after that, I had to regularly check in to see if they still are not sending in and what the problem is. After the ridiculously long wait of the entire month, they said they have an item that they could send. Before receiving the item, I did not complain or rant about it to the support knowing that they are trying to get my problem fixed. However, this thought changed immediately when I opened the box sent from CM. Inside the box was noticeably used keyboard with wrong USB cable, which meant that I cannot even use the keyboard. I went crazy, thinking  that this is all I get after a month of waiting, and contacted the support right away. However, the customer support I got was extremely rude, with spamming smiley face at an angry customer, and shoving a statement with a quote into my face like three times after I misread something, replying in caps, and racist comment at the end that I found not funny, and ending the chat himself when I was about to ask when the cable will be shipped. (chat content: ). I don't even know when I will be getting the cable shipped and it's probably going to take another whole month.
The amount of disappointment and disrespect for the Coolermaster support I have right now is higher than ever and I thought I should let more people know about this when they decide to make a purchase from Coolermaster. I hate to compare people and things, but the support I have received from steelseries is significantly different to that from coolermaster. They reached out first to me and updated me with the status of the RMA, apologized and told me that they will send me the alternate (of course a better) product they have in stock with a mousepad as the message of apology, and then send me the original item later too. I got a full letter of apology, and I still respect their support.
A customer care like Coolermaster's will just lower the company reputation more and more, and it will not be good if more posts like this gets up in the community.
I don't even know what will happen to my cable and all the time I have been waiting for, and I am looking for someone to help me.

Try contacting the cooler master reps here via pm, maybe they could help. Goodluck!

Sounds like they didn't handle the RMA very well, but for what it's worth, I don't think the rep was trying to be rude or racist. I thought the "Read the conversation again" line was a little unprofessional, but I think he was just mostly trying to be friendly and diffuse the situation since you were obviously unhappy. I also think the foreign language "thank you" was supposed to be friendly, not racist...

I agree it's bad they sent you a used keyboard, but really, I think you're being a little hard on this guy, who as far as I can tell, was trying to help you.  :p

Edit: Also I don't see where they responded with all caps.

Seems like the one with the problem isn't cooler master, but you.

No spam, no racism, caps or curse words.  No rudeness on the agent's side (extremely rude by you, justified or not).  In fact, you asked a question that was answered before you even asked it, so I think it's more than fine for the agent to do what they did.  I also note you didn't take a picture of the "noticeably used" keyboard, nor asked for a true new replacement which means that it's probably another ant hill you're trying to turn into a mountain, just like the chat file you posted here where the only party with fault is the one kicking and screaming here now.

You need a professional to help with your misdirected anger to a third party trying to help more than a cable. 

Ouch.  Poor Felinni  :(


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