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Filco Minila Air Space Bar Double-Tapping Problem (Intermittent)

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I've just sent you an email, but I figure it doesn't hurt to post here as well.

The Minila Air I bought a month ago is having double-tapping problem with the space bar. The symptom first occurred about two weeks ago, but I was busy and didn't reach out.

Now the problem is worsening. In fact, just in tapping the above four sentences it has double-tapped 10 times and triple-tapped 3 times.

I'd like to ask about your 'return-to-base' warranty: 1. How long should I expect the process to last? 2. Are you certainly going to repair this issue (probably entailing replacing the switch) or it depends on your diagnosis (as I said, the symptom is intermittent)? 3. Does the warranty includes carriage (one or both ways)?

I removed the key caps on some keys, and the switch  for the space bar does feel  different.

They keyboard is nice, but I have doubts on the German switches, especially since it's a ZF product. I bought this keyboard after reading many positive reviews despite the ZF problem. Now I guess my dislike for ZF is well-founded. They  make  the worst  components for cars and I've had numerous problems with their products.

I  got tired of using backspace all the time, so there are some double / triple spaces  in  the  last   three   paragraphs. The problem  is clearly worsening.

Also, I live in France, so I'd really hate to afford 40  postage if the warranty  doesn't cover it.

May I also ask if I were to return the keyboard for repair how I should package it, in the original box or not?

Sometimes the problem is not as serious (like this morning, when it acted up only twice in about 300 words); sometimes it is, like in every third space.

I'm convinced that the shoddy German quality is to blame. Just look at reliabilityindex and similar sources.

Hey dhr, thanks for getting in touch. I'd expect an answer to your email soon after the boys get back to the office on Monday; if you haven't received a response after a few days then please contact me here and I'll see what's up. You can also PM me if you'd prefer, or email wsjudd at gmail dot com.



Thanks, Will, for your reply. I've received a message from Andrew this afternoon.

I just want to let you know that I'm not really pleased with the emphasis on 'manufacture defect'. True, the problem only occurred after two weeks  of use. But it was normal use. In fact, I didn't type on it that much; it's purely for personal use, writing emails and some papers. A 10 keyboard would last at least a couple of years without fault, and I'd call any problem with a 120 keyboard under normal use within a month manufacture defect. The switch simply was poorly manufactured.

At this moment, it's just the space bar that has this problem, so there's no way this is related to Bluetooth connection. Also, the suggestion to check the dipswtich on the back is not really necessary. I can tell one key from the other.

The problem is intermittent in the sense that, while in replying to Andy's email the space bar acted up 10 times in 244 words, I think it has done so only once in this message.

I'll return the keyboard tomorrow morning and give you a tracking number. I hope you can stand behind the products you sell.

Hi dhr,

Thanks for keeping me up to date. Hopefully the keyboard can be repaired.




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