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Hello GeekHack - we're back from the dead after... 5 years?
For Halloween, we're premiering our flocked (fuzzy) artisan keycaps!  It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how to get a reliable and washable application, so we hope you enjoy their unique feel!

Sale will run until 11:59 PM PST of Halloween night.  All orders will be invoiced and fulfilled immediately to be sent out the following week.

Album: Form:
Check us out over on our Instagram for sneak peeks at what we are working on - and if you have any ideas or colors you'd like to see flocked let us know. God knows I want to flock all the things, so any direction to put my crazy fuzz obsession towards is helpful. I will also be hanging out over in our making things thread again, because I missed you all, so you can give me your ideas over there if you want!

Three colorways are up for grabs today, all of them fuzzy:

* Monty - a tribute to the ferocious Rabbit of Caerbannog - red details, white body
* Witches' Brew - a bubbling cauldron of some unknown substance - purple details, green / black body
* Ghost - ...a fuzzy ghost - glow blue details, clear body
There are two sculpt choices for these colors: Chanter ($35) and Mou5e ($40)

We also have a Halloween-exclusive sculpt, offered blind bag style in one-off colors: Skeleti3, a clear Yeti3 modified to have a visible skeleton inside.

Thank you all for your continued support and happy haunting!

Our current sculpts are:
Inugami (the zombie foxdog):
Chestie V2 (an oldie revisited):
Yeti3 (keeper of the curse):
Bad Touch (the grizzled narwhal captain):

Past (currently retired) sculpts are:
Stanley, Cadbury, Chestie V1, Yeti V2, Poko, Boxter, Bixlow, Spidey Isaacson

Summer Sale:

June "Mess" Sale:

Chestie v2 flash raffle (50 entries);

OCTOBER 1st, 2017:
Hey everyone! After almost a year and a lot of revisions, we have Chestie again - only better! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those who were so helpful to me in my first sale, and I want to reach out and offer a new Chestie v2, completely free, to anyone who previously received a v1! To do this, I created the form listed below. Please note that it might take a couple weeks for me to fill out the custom orders, depending on the amount of responses I receive. I will be posting pictures of the revised Chesties on the last page of this forum in order to bump it where you all will see this.

July 2017 Anniversary Sale:

4/20 Debut Sale:

Sale Album:
Colorways album (total):

We have decided that our prices will always be based on a set algorithm, and will never go beyond that. That algorithm depends on the number of colors, the number of treatments, and the overall difficulty of the sculpt starting at a starting point of $20.

Thanks guys for your continued encouragement and, as always, may RNGesus be with you!
Midnight2Shayla & Wylte


We embarked on the adventure of keycap making when I was pregnant with our first son - I always had a love for working with my hands and prior (limited) knowledge of clay and hand-building. As time went on, and people began repeatedly asking me about the status of my uterus, I threw myself more into the craft; I found a sense of calm in sculpting that I believe kept me from being ragey with those around me. What started off as a fun hobby (and way to fill our keyboards, since we went insane spending-wise on artisans pretty much monthly), became something that we both really loved. As such, we began making molds and amassed a good amount of different dyes, and ended up with four sculpts that we want to share in our first ever sale.

Our name came from the fact that our ideas are kind of all over the place - I hope to have a lot of artisans to eventually sculpt and show you guys, plus my husband has some cool ideas of his own. So, we settled on the fact that one could find almost anything in a junk drawer.

Is chestie a 1u cap? Got more angles of the caps?


--- Quote from: P1kas on Tue, 18 April 2017, 23:59:12 ---Is chestie a 1u cap? Got more angles of the caps?

--- End quote ---

Chestie is 1.25u, all of the other 3 are 1u. I'm sorry I didn't include that.
As for pictures, I will be taking comparison shots (for size) and beauty shots tomorrow - as I also want to make a catalog of the different paint jobs we did. Right now I have this link which shows backlighting and a couple more shots:


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