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[Preorder] Velocifire Mac 87 key Mk X-mas preorder


Hi everyone! Iím John from Velocifire. Velocifire dedicates to design and create mechanical keyboards for years, by providing simple and affordable mechanical keyboards all the way. We ran a poll ages ago about Mac Mechanical keyboards, now we are running a Preorder for a Velocifire M87 Mac MK. It has the Mac layout, and the firmware is 100% matching with Mac system. If you have any other questions about Velocifire Mac MK, please feel free to PM.
-Mac layout and firmware
-87 keys, Brown Switches
-LED Illuminated white backlit
-MSRP: $59.99

Velocifire M87 MAC Video:
Velocifire M87 Mac MK Shortcuts Testing:

Velocifire M87 MAC Blog

$59.99  X-mas special offer, you can use code Xmas10 to get extra 10% off.

We will ship it with DHL, you can receive it before Christmas.
Order Here

Thanks everyone! :)


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