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$53 off, Kailh Switch, 104 key, Programmable RGB n Macro Keys,UK Layout at $67

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Hi Friends,

We are giving a nice discount for this gaming keyboard, please check if you need it:

Velocifire VM90 104-Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, with Kailh Blue Switch/Kailh Black Switch, RGB Backlighting, UK Layout


Youtube Review:

Blog Review:

Use code VM90 to save US$53 to bring it from US$119.99 down to US$67.19
Check it out at:
Please feel free ask if you have any questions.

Discount updated!

How long does it take to ship to UK?


--- Quote from: DonMaster on Sun, 24 March 2019, 21:26:13 ---How long does it take to ship to UK?

--- End quote ---

Hey, it usually talks 7-10 days to arrive in UK with DHL.

Thanks for reminding me about the discount :D


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