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Tinkering with my 87u

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Iíve always loved the Norbaforce polycarb cases and I love my 87u, but I donít love them together.

The 87u has a black plate and key set, which (IMO) doesnít look too great in a frosted PC plate.

I could get an RGB TKL R2, but I thought Iíd at least take a stab freshening up my 87u.

Hereís what weíre starting with:

A few years back I swapped the domes for BKE redux heavies and (over)lubed the sliders. Overall Iím fairly happy with the feel, but it could use some tuning.

Iím a huge fan of the R2 rgb white plate in the PC case, so I might as well start there.


Last night I started tearing down the 87u

Pulled it out of the case

Pulled off the caps

Separated the PCB/domes from the plate/sliders

Removed the sliders

And finally removed the slider housings. I was a little hesitant for this part.

The housing tolerances are fairly low so thereís certainly wiggle room, but theyíre held in place with little plastic tabs. If you donít squeeze the housing enough, I suppose you could shave off the plastic tabs. But if you squeeze too much, you could damage the housing and I donít really want to buy a parts board.

Painted the plate! I sanded the plate down first with 600grit sandpaper, wiped everything down with rubbing alcohol, primed, and painted with a standard rattle can.

A few imperfections here and there, but overall Iím pretty pleased.

Next is to get everything back together, but Iím waiting on some new domes and silencers from deskeys.

Cleaned up and snapped the housing back in. Funnily enough, housing had pretty high tolerances before, so the extra paint gives everything a more ďsnugĒ fit. The housing arenít rattling anymore!

Still waiting on my deskeys package (shipped from China), so the project is on hold for the time being

Well damn. Just placed my order for the 2021 Ghost of Christmas Future Norbaforce. Supposedly it's slated to ship mid-fall.  :D


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