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Hi, I'm willing to buy an ergonomic keyboard.
I say this cause I'm even looking for Piano switches, i.e: switches with pressure sensitivity, or something like that.
So I'm not interested in switches that can be used on particular keyboards, like omnipoint etc.

Can you suggest me something?
I heard people would use two actuation point switches, but it seems I can't find 'em anywhere.

I haven't seen any keyboard like this but I do have a friend who's making expressive musical instruments with analog pressure sensitivity.  Might be interesting to you?

What do you have in mind for how the pressure sensitivity and/or multiple actuation points would be used?

You might be interested in analog keyboards, eg. Hall Effect keyboards.

Omnipoint are Hall Effect switches.  Regular mechanical keyboards don't support multiple actuations, and you can't retrofit them to do so either.

Electric pianos and musical keyboards do have two actuations and measure the time difference between them to determine how hard you pressed them.

There are a few vintage keyboards with a limited number of keys that supported multiple actuations for things such as cursor keys: press lightly to step once, and to the bottom to repeat. But those work differently from piano keys.
These types of features have been mimicked with analogue switches.


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