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Important Information Regarding Mechs & Co GMK Sets - Please Read

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I feel ya man... I'm closing my account in hopes of a retention specialist pulling some strings to keep me, bit not expecting that to work.

We have color sample photos for most of the sets, and a couple of the complete sets. We are missing just 4 more, and we will get those taken before the product pages go live.

honestly a HUGE win for the community having NK step up. thank you!!

A little late to the party, but THANK YOU NovelKeys!

I sent an email for an outstanding order for a paid set.


--- Quote from: Rhienfo on Fri, 08 September 2023, 21:45:58 ---
--- Quote from: johntron25 on Fri, 08 September 2023, 16:43:31 ---I wish someone can reach out to PK or GMK to ask about Bingsu R2 status

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Yeah no chance about project keyboard, they got a court order to dissolve so...

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Your image isn't showing. I'm in on GMK Slasher, any word on that?


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