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Hello hello everyone, I am Nasikluban, I would like to introduce my project: KeyKobo KerisKeris, a sacred dagger with distinctive blade-patterning, a complex piece of art, with each detail having significant meanings and serving specific magical and spiritual purposes. Commonly used in martial art, as talismans with magical powers, sanctified heirlooms, accessories for ceremonial dress, and a symbol of heroism.

KittingBase KitThe color palette composed of the keris material: rare type of wood and gold. Javanese script sublegends used as the origin of keris.MoreJavanese script or Hanacaraka is letter of alphabet developed in Java island, Indonesia. It was actively used by the Javanese people for writing day-to-day and literary texts from at least the mid-15th century CE until the mid-20th century CE, before its function was gradually supplanted by the Latin alphabet.


Alt Alphas

NoveltiesThe Novelties are composed by Javanese culture, leaf which used commonly in Batik motif, gunungan, and barongan.

InfoManufacturer: KKB (Keykobo) - ABS doubleshot with UV-printed sublegends and Novelties.

Austin by DriftMechanics
Phoenix by CableCarDesigns
Nemui by Bachoo
Maja by VulcanxKbdfans
ID: Kukey StudioUK: Proto[Typist]MY: Rebult KeyboardsVN: TheKeebsStoreUS: ClickClackEU: KeygemOther: TBD
CollaborationsTBDIf you are interested in collaborating or become Vendor, please fill in the IC or contact me at Discord nasikluban#8450 on Key kobo server or email me: nasitelorr99@gmail.comIC FORM
2023/12/02 - GeekHack IC Post2023/12/11 - Update Novs, Alt Alphas, Render2023/1/7 - Kitting Update

Very interesting project. I find the second purple a bit too much. Would have loved the enter and backspace in the less purple color too (same goes for spacebar).

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Loving the theme and novelties as someone from Malaysia. If it's possible to change it, could the "red" and "purple" keys be made to be more bold?

This is fantastic! As an Indonesian, I hope there's enough interest for it. GLWIC


--- Quote from: HubertThemad on Sat, 02 December 2023, 07:44:58 ---This is fantastic! As an Indonesian, I hope there's enough interest for it. GLWIC

--- End quote ---
any hololive ID fan would recognize the name, colorway and novelties design. im sure there will be plenty interest


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