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Rapid Trigger technology, Hall effect magnetic switches

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I don't see a thread about this so I thought I'd start one.

These switches address an issue I complained about many years ago: the inaccuracy of mechanical switches (specifically for FPS games) due to the travel distance and the midway actuation.

I haven't been following the keyboard world but today I learned about Rapid Trigger technology which seems to be one way to solve this problem.

--- Quote ---Rapid Trigger technology utilizes Hall effect magnetic switches to create custom actuation and reset points for every individual switch that can be adjusted on the fly at any point.

What this allows as such is for key presses to deregister or 'reset' the moment that you lift your finger off the switch, as opposed to having to wait until the switch reaches its fixed reset point on a standard keyboard.
--- End quote ---

Rapid Trigger & Actuation Point Explained

Prince Valiant:
Buy one of the boards from Wooting and report back?

I don't play competitive games anymore, so I couldn't justify the cost. But I learned about them from this Boardzy guy who tested out a few:

are you asking if you should get one? i don't get what you're asking lol

I'm not asking anything, I'm just creating a thread about them since I didn't see one. I'm interested in reading other people's experiences, comparisons, and other info.


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