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Keyboard types two symbols when I press one key


Hi, guys!
I've got a problem with a brand new budget mechanical keyboard from Aliexpress (Aigo A108). For some keys the keyboard types two symbols when I press only one key: the pressed one and the next one. It happens only when I press keys from the following pairs of keys: F6 F7, 78, ui, jk, m,
For example, if I press "u" the keyboard types "ui".
Has anyone come across similar problem? Maybe there is a way to fix this problem with reasonable efforts?

I have a suspicion that something could be weird under A45, where the trace from one column goes under the diode that feeds into the other column. Other than that, I'm stumped.

If its brand new you can open a issue with Aliexpress the seller will either help you or you get a refund.


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