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Looking for a vintage compact keyboard

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Does it have to be vintage? I'd think that you could find quite a few modern 75% layout keyboards available with classic beige and grey keycaps if you look. Keychron has a couple, for instance.

Maybe 8BitDo Retro?

Siig Minitouch comes to mind it uses Alps switches, but not original alps instead they use Hua-Jie AK series
SMK Alps mount. Is it vintage muah 2002-2003 that is still 20 years old at the least.

How much are you looking to spend?  How loud do you want to be?

An 87u or R2 Realforce TKL would be a quick and easy solution.  The Vortex PC66 in 68-key layout would also be good, or the Leopold FC660C if you look really hard or pay a lot.

Model M and Model F are *really loud.*  Many of the original 80s/90s compact/subcompact keyboards used real or fake white Alps clicky switches.  While not as dominance-asserting as buckling springs, they’re still just, a lot.  The good news is that even soldered alps (which is all of them) are really easy to modify and dampened sliders are available.

True vintage less-than-101 keyboards also tend to have odd modifier placement. 

I remember vintage keyboards are all about some huge jack-wide board. Finding a compact one is a bit hard


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