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Hello from the Netherlands.

My name is Marco and I am an engineer.
Currently using a Keychron V3 max at home and a Keychron K8 at work. Both with Gamakay Pegasus switches.

Also have K1 and K1SE laying around but I switched back to full profile because I like it better.

Started mechanical keyboards with a Das Keyboard 4 professional (brown switches) witch I still have and also have 2 Mac versions of it with blue switches.

Relative newbie to the custom keyboard hobby. Signed up for access to KB resources. Most definitely on the "budget" side of things but hit it fairly hard over the last 6 months.

Main current keyboards are 2X Mongeek M1s, one with Oil Kings + Ghost Judge Cherry, and the other with Duhuk Lumia Matcha V4s + Mintcap MSA keycaps. Laptop keyboard is a GMK67 w/ Gateron G Pro yellows + Fogruaden PBT CSA.

Relegated to the shelf (and slated for dispersal to family) are a pair of RK84s (one wired, one wireless) w/ YMDK shinethroughs and a GMK87 w/ YMDK shinethroughs.

Top it all off, inbound is a Yunzii AL66 to replace the GMK67. It'll be getting either Duhuk or Oil King switches as well as a set of KBDiy GMK MarrsGreen Keycap Cherry keycaps that are currently on a slow boat.

edit: For some reason I'm unable to post my vanity pics.  :)


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