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--- Quote from: Hapi on Fri, 01 April 2022, 10:29:22 ---The design is outdated. A bite of vintage keyboards have a contemporary design, such as focus keyboards. I don't care much about design if the keyboard is good. But there are not many such enthusiasts.

+ Glossy plastic is not practical: fingerprints, glare and scratches.

--- End quote ---

I don't think that designs get outdated. Trends are pointless. Their mini keyboards are wonderful in both form and function. I would like them maybe a little smaller, but oh well.

Fingerprints, glare and scratches are irrelevant. It is a tool, not an art exhibit.

I wish they made something like a 65% without gigantic boards around the case, with a Windows-based mapping and clicky switches, but they're catering to what they perceive to be their primary market: Nostalgic Apple users who used things like the AEK back in the 90s.

If enough people show interest, maybe they'll start making more enthusiast-based products, but their switches have a bad reputation for problems with the old Forward switches and/or QC in installation of the switches in the past. I don't think this is really a problem at all anymore, but the reputation remains.

This is beyond goofy at this point. And anyone who hasnít put in a refund should already.

What actual updates have there been in 8 years.

I mean legitimately Iím curious what you guys think will happen at this point.
Sunk cost fallacy pun aside.

8 years, covers my  military career time while getting a masters too.

I do have an updateÖ

Iím in Taiwan now and the 60% keyboard is one of the two projects on the agenda for this trip. This is the first time since COVID that Iíve been able to travel. The keycap tooling has been done for quite some time and we were ready to go, then COVID hit.

Our original plan was to do the keyboard in China, but their zero-COVID policy has the country perpetually locked down, so it will be done in Taiwan now. Weíve visited a few factories, and have narrowed the list down to two. Iím here another month and will post an update when the first samples are ready.

Thank you for the update.  While this has been a ridiculously long time, one expects it'll be pretty nice after such a long time in development. 

Could this be the longest GB ever?


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