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--- Quote from: macclack on Wed, 17 August 2022, 23:21:48 ---Could this be the longest GB ever?

--- End quote ---

Probably.  :rolleyes:

Doing my bi-yearly Check-in now.
This has gone beyond comical to me being legitimately concerned for whoever is running this program. It is either 1. Some sort of scam, or the person managing this product is clinically delusional. I work in manufacturing in Asia and this sort of timeline is non-existant

1. Can you lay out a schedule for your next build and the quantities youíre making?
2. When are you targeting delivering to customers?

The fact that these canít be answered for a decade now point to how this is literally a scam or some serious self-delusion which should be treated medically at this point. Not trying to be harsh but I am genuinely concerned for the person running this program

at the very least, some of the facts have changed.  Quoting

--- Quote --- In fact, the SAME mounting plate & PCB supports BOTH Cherry and ALPS. This is the first keyboard ever to offer this capability.
--- End quote ---

There exist PCBs that support both MX and Alps now, e.g.

--- Quote --- How long will I have to wait to receive my keyboard?
Based on past projects, we estimate that it will take 8-18 months to complete.
--- End quote ---

Typo there: should be "years" there HTH. 

Now we need a how swap PCB that can do both MX style and Alps style switches.

I first got into mechanical keyboards with a chance encounter with a Matias Tactile Pro. I loved that board so much. So I was very excited to see this project, but also sad that it's been in the GB stage for what is pushing a decade. Hopefully this can be successful, an aluminum board with Matias Click switches for my Mac in that compact 60 percent layout is kind of the dream for me tbh


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