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R4 Zealio Switch/Zeal60RGB/Zealencio Silencing Clips/Transparent Screw-in Stabs!

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Hey guys,

The highly anticipated R4 Zealio GB & newly released products are now live on my site!

Click the images for links to the site!

R4 Zealio Switches: 78g weight updated, force curve now more uniform.

Zeal60 RGB LED PCB [Limited to 100x units first runSold Out]:

Zeal Transparent Stabilizers:

Zealencio Silencing Clips:



Zeal60 Firmware download:

Reserved for updates.

October 4, 2016:
Zeal60 Prototype is going through final phase of testing. Once OK'd it'll be produced very shortly.

Zealios & accessories are still planned for November shipping. Will get a more definite date in a few weeks.

Oct 8, 2016
Prototypes getting sent to me very soon.

Oct 20, 2016
Zealios are expected to ship out from Gateron to me on November 15. Zealencios and Transparent Stabilizers will ship out November 21, both via DHL Express.

Oct 24, 2016
Zeal60 Prototype received

Oct 31, 2016
Zeal60 built up

Nov 16, 2016
First half of shipment is picked up,

Dec 24, 2016
All non-PCB orders shipped

Jan 3, 2017
All PCB orders shipped. GB complete (minus a few orders combining with Lustro/Weaven)

rip wallet

Awww yiss

so the topside of the pcb has smd leds? Sorry if I'm out of the loop on it.

Grabbing some of all of this no matter what  :thumb:


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