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--- Quote from: goodman247 on Thu, 07 June 2018, 14:20:03 ---My son was born this past winter and he is my first child, so I look forward to taking him out to the beach, parks and basically everywhere outdoor this summer. Even though he won't be able to walk or do much, but for sure he enjoys being out and get some fresh air. That Vitamin D from the sun is also very important of course. Hopefully this will be a memorable first summer with my son for the whole family!

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Aww! That's very sweet and I hope you have an amazing summer! Our first born was actually what thrust me into this hobby over a year ago (end of pregnancy jitters = sculpting). He's 16 months now and it's been an absolutely incredible time :)

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Yup, I sort of dread and look forward to when my son can walk, I can take him to more places and do more fun things, but also very scary that he is running around and can do whatever he wants.... But I will definitely cherish every moment!!

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Walking is terrifying, but it is fun - I promise. Sure, him sprinting towards the toy store when we go to the mall is a little stressful, but it's worth it when they run up to you when you get home from work. Plus, the talking and babbling are absolutely adorable. I may be biased, as toddlerhood is definitely my favorite age, but I know I heard a ton of crappy things about "terrible twos" that made me scared and turned out to not be that bad!

Easy peasy!!! Houston Mechkey Meetup at the public library this saturday, tomorrow. I can't wait to see all your pretty mugs at the meet up and your boards. I can't wait!!! WOooooooooo

Some nice color in Yeti :D

Relaxing and reveling in my current unemployed status.

Love the Glow-in-the-Dark features on my two latest caps!

Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store.


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