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Difference in quality between different rounds of Zealios

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I have R9 78g Zealios (same as R10), and some of the springs might be pingy but it's barely noticable. Switches are smooth but the bump is sharper than my R4/R5 tester. I think this change was intentional. Can't say that anything is wrong with them, quality is what you would expect from Zeal!

Thanks for posting this question. I was going a little bonkers wondering if it's me or switches, and thank god I'm not the only one feeling this.

I have a batch of R8 62g, that to me just feels terrible - scratchy, inconsistent travel, and very slight feeling of catching on the upstroke. Used the batch with a stainless steel plate and initially thought it was case/plate, but started to suspect the switches themselves. Will be more conscious of batch production before buying next time, thanks for the insight.


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