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No customer support at zFrontier?

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Haven't had a reply even though i sent multiple emails since october 2018. Just filed a paypal case to see if that will wake them up.

Has anyone succeeded in contacting them?  I'm worried about the GB I joined (Elemento Fr87), but it sounds like everyone is having trouble with reaching them :/

Man I've learned my lesson - never joining a group buy run on zfrontier again. Constantly missing deadlines with little to no communication.

My last experience was requesting to change shipping address for 5 orders and they responded the next day. Then on gmk minimal w/o my knowing, they did follow through w/ the partial refund for meeting the moq. But i do have another inquiry that they did not respond to even after replying to them a few times.

I honestly believe that after the first delay, that Alex Lin's business model is now just a Ponze scheme that got out of hand. He and zfrontier have no intention of delivering product and just keep loading up on GBs. With 33 open GBs, no delivery, no response to refund requests, and stringing everyone on delays until after Paypal's 180 day dispute, then radio silence. I went back and looked at responses from their support and sure enough, responses up until about 190 days after I paid, then nothing.
I've now sent an email every week, and even made sure it is short and sweet for the translation in their office. Things like 'Update of Order #XXXXXXXXX' and now just 'Refund on Order #XXXXXXXXX' and still no response.

They should be banned from all MKB GBs and sites going forward.

If you are lucky enough to have doubted them early, and are under the 180 day Paypal dispute timeline, file a dispute and get a refund directly from Paypal. Do not delay.


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