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[WTB] Jane V2 CE, Vint Blacks, G81-3000 SAA, JTK Tripleshot, Black Lotus, 9009

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WTB Jane V2 CE. I have no preference for built or unbuilt seeing as something like the Jane is literally impossible to get (I been trying for years now).

Anyhow please keep in mind I will only pay retail or a reasonable amount to cover what you paid for ie. Tax and Shipping. 

Also looking to buy Cherry G81-3000 SAA keycaps, JTK Tripleshot WoB Cyrillic, GMK 9009 Obscure Kit, GMK Black Lotus and Dualshot Deskmat!!

IF anyone has some actually good vint blacks laying around, do let know. I am willing to pay a good amount for a TKL.

Thank you!

You may contact me on Discord as well for quick replies. Please check my profile, I have plenty of rep on reddit as well.

Have silver KMAC v1.3 with extra pcb and plate, PM if you're interested  :thumb:

Definitely interested!

Just want to mention, I am particularly interested in windowless KMACs and other korean keyboards. Rare ones, price is no object.



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