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[GB] F104+SSK+122+62+77+50+Ergo orders now open! Kishsaver+Industrial Model F

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I caved at the very end for GMK Hyperfuse and Carbon, so I won't discount a similar situation here. This is just too amazing a project to miss.

This is a good set up, instead of double tapping two of these I can order f77 now before the deadline and then an f62 in the next couple of months.

Ika sorry there is no example of the black case.  It will be black and will be powdercoated in the original textured powdercoating like the originals had, but just in black.

Black is one of the most popular options from what I have seen in the orders.

Hey Ellipse, if zinc is still an option (thought I saw this somewhere in an IC), put me down please.  I want the heaviest mf out there.  Love my aluminum cases on my TKLs, they're solid like a tank, nothing like old skool to go a clackin with

I did a really bad job of rationing my funds for this project while it was in development.  :))


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