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[GB] F104+SSK+122+62+77+50+Ergo orders now open! Kishsaver+Industrial Model F

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Level1Techs just posted a nice video on the ultra compact new Model F!

Here was the reply I posted:  "Thanks Wendell for making this video on the Brand New Model F Keyboards project!  If you do adapt the new Model F into the IBM SSK case, please do let me know how it goes.  I would not recommend it as you would probably have to irreversibly trim some plastic off the original case to fit the larger inner assembly of a Model F.  Regarding the recessed case, I do want to let everyone know that you can also order the F104 and FSSK with a standard Model M style case that is made out of metal and whose interior design is adapted to the Model F.  A downside is that unfortunately you can't switch an inner assembly from the compact case to the classic case or vice versa as they are slightly different in design (you could do this with the F62/F77 though)."

I just came across a thorough F62 Kishsaver review video on YouTube (embedded below), which included setup, sound tests, solenoid on and off, along with various combinations of mods:  Floss mod, foam mod (adding foam inside the keyboard to dampen the sound), using a keyboard mat, etc.

And for old time's sake, here is one of my favorite videos from a keyboard meetup in 2018, highlighting the new Model F project.  The song and editing are so nice, I have to see it a few times!

And here's a nice F62 sound test that someone posted (I might have posted this one before)

F77 sound tests

PC World review:  Here is a nice review of the new Ultra Compact F104 from PC World:

Stolen keyboard alert:

Sadly there is another stolen keyboard to be reported:  an ultra compact F104 with serial number 11.  Please do let me know if you come across this keyboard listed online, or if one does not have the correct serial label with the serial pictured.

F15 Split, BS Ortho / Ergodox Style, and F50 reverse auction update:

I am hoping to wrap up the bids in the next week or two.  Feel free to join the reverse auction with the link below.  You can still get one of these keyboards by not participating in the auction, though the board will be priced higher for all of the remaining 10 or so boards of each type that are reserved for the public.

Can anyone help set up the matrices for QMK?  I can provide screenshots of the PCB.  I would like to start testing these boards with QMK (currently the testing has been done with the original xwhatsit firmware).


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