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[GB] F104+SSK+122+62+77+50+Ergo orders now open! Kishsaver+Industrial Model F

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Production update - the factory is still refining the Model M style case tooling.  If the latest samples are approved then I hope production on the cases can start this month.  Since the inner assemblies have completed production and assembly, it should not be too long before the keyboards can be assembled and make their way into a shipping container, though production and finishing/powdercoating will take a couple months.  We are still looking at shipping out to everyone to start later this year.  Below shows a detail of the latest sample case.  The goal is to get the top and bottom cases to fit together as well as possible and to improve the quality of the countersinking of the screws on the bottom of the case.  They were designed to have gaps like the IBM originals but I don't want the gaps to be too big.

Here is a terrific video testing many mods to the project's solenoid - it is interesting to hear how many different ways the solenoid can sound!

Looking around on YouTube I also came across two new Model F videos that are both not what I have seen before!  I cannot recommend the safety of what is done in the video, so definitely do not try at home!

Blog update posted:

Please see today's blog update post for a summary of the various goings-on with the project in recent months:

As an update the factory has made good progress with the new key mold for the non-stepped ISO Enter, code, and PC AT Big Enter keys after much delay to get all of the particulars right. 

The factory is now just fine-tuning the key top texture and then hopefully production can start on these keys.  After they are sublimated I am hoping to open up orders for these keys and key sets with these keys.

Project update:

I have just approved the Model M style cases to enter production.  Due to some quality issues it took many months extra to get the quality to where it is now.

Here's one photo from the approved sample - the gap in the back looks nice now.

Now the cases have to be die cast, drilled, and powdercoated, and then they can be assembled.  The F104s and FSSK inner assemblies are complete and the F122 working sample still needs to be completed (I need to do some more testing with the new Leyden Jar controller and the F122 before continuing).  I expect all to be on the same container shipment with the Round 2 beam spring boards, hopefully around year end.

These look amazing


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