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Major firmware update:

Please help test the NathanA beta, prerelease firmware (attached) which is expected to be the main firmware for the wcass controllers going forward. 

I hope to submit the F104 and FSSK Round 2 files to the factory for mass firmware loading next week so I hope that folks can do extensive daily driver type testing this week.  The inner assemblies all completed production some time ago and are just waiting for the latest firmware.  (Also the first batch of F104/FSSK/F122 cases completed production at the case factory and will be on its way to the assembly factory this week).

Instead of flashing the specific layout you want, there is one firmware for each type of keyboard.  You flash that firmware and then can configure the board for split backspace, split right shift, etc.  There is expected to be future support to flash the exact firmware you want from the start if you want to save a step (also good for the factory workers as they load these en masse).

These are not yet tested on the beam spring boards so it is just Model F to start with.  Currently it is good on the F62, F77, and F104/FSSK Rounds 1 and 2.

Permalink to the windows utility (the latest mac and linux utilities are not yet ready):

Some features of the NathanA firmware:

Excellent stability in my testing
Vial support (after flashing this new firmware, you can just go to the web site to configure your board any time you want to change something, without needing to generate custom firmware and then reflash the firmware as with the QMK configurator web site.  It works natively without needing a custom Vial program or web site or json file because the keyboard details are stored in the firmware and read by Vial).  Vial even has a check mark to enable and disable NKRO right from the GUI.
Supports solenoids and LEDs
Supports pandrew's diagnostic utility which has the Signal Level Monitor and Enter Bootloader features (you need to download the latest version which is found in the manual)
And many more features

There are two versions of the latest firmware attached:
The "allpads" version is the way that I prefer, with each pad configurable right away without having to click buttons to reveal pads in Vial.  There is also a helpful bat file for each board (allpads version only).  Once you enter the bootloader, you can run the bat file to automatically update the firmware and restart the keyboard, no need to unplug and re-plug the cable or use Atmel Flip! 
The other file has the source code with a diff file that can be executed on linux to auto build all of the firmware files on your own, if you prefer it.  To run NathanA's bash script in Ubuntu, copy the folder newfxx-vial-package and all its files, then right click and select run as program.

This is what I do on a fresh Ubuntu install:
open Terminal program and enter one line at a time:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install python3-pip
sudo python3 -m pip install qmk
echo "PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin" >> ./.bashrc
sudo apt install git
qmk setup

'lo, all.  I've had an account here for a while, but haven't posted for a while; heh.  I've also been sporadically working over the last couple of years on putting together releases of Vial-enabled firmwares for the Ellipse Model F boards, initially just because *I* wanted to use Vial on mine, but sharing what I'd managed to get working with other fellow New F users who might want the same.

For whatever reason -- mostly just inertia & probably because that's where most of the "action" has been -- I've only been posting these to the DH thread.  But it looks like Ellipse would like to start having his keyboards come with Vial pre-loaded "from the factory" so to speak, which is simultaneously both awesome but (personally) terrifying. :))  ...and if the Vial firmwares I've been building become the new firmware preload moving forward, I should probably be more widely communicative about releases.  In all, though, I'm hoping that this ends up providing a better out-of-the-box experience for New F users...even if the pandrew's QMK (web) Configurator instance does make it easier, it's still far from ideal for the average person to have to re-flash one's keyboard firmware every time one wants to change their keymap!

Given that I have not been made aware of any glaring issues with the prerelease copy posted by Ellipse earlier, I'm ready to announce a Release 4 of my Vial firmwares for the Model F Labs series of F-model keyboards.

I still consider this something of a prerelease, as it is still missing some things packaged with prior releases; most notably, the complete set of preconfigured layouts for the various different board models. I intend to release a more full-featured package in the future that re-adds those things back in, but as the new keyboard models are going to be shipping out soon, I wanted to get this out the door ASAP for everyone's benefit. I guess you could consider it a "release candidate" in modern software release parlance, as I actually just took my "beta 3" and quickly renamed it, stripping the "b3" part out of most things. Or perhaps I will call this the "Release 4 Limited Availability" edition, following IBM's own footsteps with OS/2 2.0 LA. ;D (It's a good story, which you can read here if you are so inclined.)

For the moment, the package with the source code patches & the one with the binaries and flashing scripts remain separate as well, and I intend to also eventually combine those, as well as throw together similar flashing scripts for MacOS to be included. If what you're interested in is just the hex files, you can just grab the "" file; if you want to set up a build environment, get the patch set, and build your own from source, get "newfxx-vial-package_r4b3.7z" (sorry about the confusing names for now).

(Also please note that the attached copies of the updated pandrew debug utility both for Windows and Mac that now supports all of the new keyboard models has been split into a split 7Zip archive, only because the DH forum has an upload limit on post attachments.)

This also doesn't yet include any beamspring board firmwares, either. I hope to do something to properly support those in the coming weeks.

Rough changelog (such as it is):

* Changes in r4b1 (from r3):

* Basing patches off of most recent (at time of release) xwhatsit code and keyboard definitions from pandrew's repository.
* Adds FSSK, FSSKr2, F104, and F104r2.
* Additional increased stability, by taking a page out of Arkku's book & moving the KEYBOARD_FILENAME (which the pandrew utility uses to determine the exact keyboard model & thus the layout and matrix mapping) into AVR program space, freeing up tens of bytes of precious SRAM. This seems to have eliminated any remaining (likely stack exhaustion/overload related) known stability issues.
* Vial EEPROM header "magic" ID computation changed, to allow for writing raw keymap definitions directly into EEPROM during MCU programming.
* Changes in r4b2 (from r4b1):

* Adds F50, F15 Ergo, and FOrtho(linear) Ergo.
* Changes in r4b3 (from r4b2):

* Added "Show Extra Nav Pads" Vial layout toggle to FSSK and F104 models.

We have new 1.5U size keys added to the order list today, as someone just custom requested them.  Feel free to order on the extra keys page if you are interested.  All keys except 1.75U keys are now $3 each, down from $4 each.  Available in pebble, blue, and dark gray.  They should go out later this year.

Custom 3d printed legs for the split ergonomic boards: 

Already there is some development, even before these boards start shipping later this month!  Copying one such project below:

"I set up a GitHub repo, that includes the following files:
-image of an assembled prototype leg that I think should work with the split ortho keyboard (the screw is an M6 size)
-image render of the 3d printed part
-an .stl file for 3d printing
-an .f3d file that can be modified

Also on the GitHub is a description of the prototype leg. I intend once I have it to make two or three sizes so that the keyboard tents how I like. I have a few other ideas on legs like to make a bracket with a heat inset.
Anyway I hope it helps and I look forward to the keyboard."

The latest air shipment arrived from the factory - some nice items in there!

Rico's Rev3 controllers (I hope to assemble and test it with the F122 prototype)

The first 5 sets of XT quality new production JIS, and a few JIS front print sets (these are now available to order)

3 each of the first new keys in pebble, unprinted (PC AT big enter, Code key, and non-stepped ISO Enter) (these are now available to order) - the factory is still working on the jigs for these new keys as well as for the pad printed keys.

The first batch of new production Round 2 beam modules (now I can assemble and take some photos of the B104 keyboard with the approved/finalized Round 2 case)


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