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[GB] F104+SSK+122+62+77+50+Ergo orders now open! Kishsaver+Industrial Model F

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Update on the boxes:  for the next batch of keyboards (M Style Model F and Beam Spring Round 2) I am considering the tab lock style boxes, which are more authentic to the original IBM Model F retail boxes.  Same artwork as the other style, standard brown boxes - not the white and gray boxes of the originals.


From my collection:

IBM Keyboard Photos by Model F Keyboards, on Flickr

Major project milestone:

Today the project passed $3 million in orders!  It is great to know there has been so much interest in the old beam spring and Model F keyboards.

For those who have ordered in stock items recently, please note that I am still moving through the backlog but the backlog has grown significantly in recent weeks due to much higher order volume of in stock items.  Currently I am working on wrapping up the remaining small project orders (split ergo F15, ortho, and F50) and other orders. 

Nice seeing everyone at today's meetup!  There was a great turnout and a good amount of enthusiasm for the old style keyboards.
 Always nice to put the faces to the user names of some GH, reddit, and DT forum members. 

I brought the Round 2 B104, Round 2 F104, Round 1 Beam 104, and Classic Case F77 to the meetup where folks got to try them out and compare them with other keyboards the people brought.

So can anyone who was there say anything about how the boards feel?

Today the project was featured in Hypebeast!

A design studio and retailer company, JJJJound, purchased some F62 keyboards with a custom keycap design with the intention of reselling.  They posted the product today on their blog and everything sold out within one day.  (n.b., I still have stock of F62 and F77!).

I have been in talks with other companies to resell / distribute the new Model F keyboards (for example, to have some inventory stock in Europe for faster shipping) but so far no one else has taken this on.

ItIsWritten feel free to check out the many new Model F reviews, some of which are gathered here:


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