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Hi everyone! I've read a nice amount of threads like this recently, and wanted to share my results.

Living in Ukraine Мої вітаннячка), I'm struggling at search for any common cherry-compatible typewriters, but there are plenty of Soviet one's for sale.  :))
In this post I would like to gather all the typewriters (I could find) that you should or should not buy for gathering caps.
My apologies for restarting the theme, but I am sure, that this thread is useful, since it gathers most of the information, you could find, in one place.
It would be great to hear something from those, who have tried to disasemble Soviet writers.

PS: Please, correct me if I am wrong at my Engrish or with my statements.  :-X

Cherry compatible:
MoreTriumph Adler Satellite 4
Triumph Adler Satellite 3
Triumph Adler Satellite 510
Triumph Adler Satellite 825
Triumph Adler SE 410
Triumph Adler SE 525
Triumph Adler SE 500DS
Triumph Adler Royal Alpha 700D
Triumph Adler Royal Alpha 610
Triumph Adler Royal Alpha 115
Triumph Adler Royal Alpha 110
Triumph Adler Royal Beta 8100
Triumph Adler Meteor II
Triumph Adler Satellite 510
Triumph Adler Satellite 825
Triumph Adler BSM 100 (SC)
Triumph Adler CompacTA SE 700 (DS)
Triumph Adler CompacTA 600 (DS)
Triumph Adler Gabriele 7007L
Triumph Adler Gabriele 8008L
Triumph Adler Gabriele 9009 (C)
Triumph Adler SE 505
Triumph Adler SE 515
Triumph Adler 525 (Cherry mx/m8 adapter switches)
Triumph Adler Beta 8050
Royal Beta 220
AEG Olympia Carrera
AEG Olympia Carrera Si (linear clears/marquardt linear switches)
AEG Olympia ES 72
AEG Olympia Standard 200i (linear clears)
Hermes H16 (same as TA Gabrielle 7007L)
XEROX 6001 RX (same as TA CompacTA) (Cherry MY switches)
Xerox 6012 (Cherry MY)

Alps compatible:
MoreSharp ZX-330 (SKCL Green + SKCL Cream spacebar)
Canon AP x50 series: 150,450,550(maybe) (Caps indicator should be rectangular and top-centered)
Canon S-16 (SA, or very similar profile) (Alps SKEW switches + 1 SKCL Green)
Sharp PA-1000
Panasonic ThermalWriter 12
Canon AP360
Canon AP 830
Canon AP 500-II

Uncompatible with kb switches:
MoreTriumph Adler TWEN T 180 (Membrane)
Triumph Adler Gabrielle 110 (DS) (Amstrad)
Triumph Adler Gabrielle 100 (DS) (Amstrad)
Triumph Adler TWEN T 180
Triumph Adler Royal Beta 8000 (or are they?)
Triumph Adler Gabriele Cyclo
Samsung SQ-1000 (domes, sadly)
Canon QS-100 (idk, membrane slider stuff)
Canon Typestar 6 ("looks like a box switch")
Canon AP 830 (SMK inverse mount)
AEG Olympia Compact i Startype (Marquardt Two Fingers)
AEG Olympia Carrera II (OEM caps) (membrane with slider)
AEG Olympia Professional 200i (Marquardt Two Fingers)
Olivetti Praxis 20 (membrane with slider)
Optima SP50 (membrane with slider)

Other standarts:
MoreBrother ax 12 (Topre compatible)
Brother ce 60 (Topre compatible)
Brother em 1 (Topre compatible) (untested)
Brother ax 20 (Topre compatible) (Topre compatible)

Typewriters, I would like to read something about:
MoreOptima SP50
Canon AP550
Canon QS100
Olivetti ET Personal 510-II
Xerox 6001

And following are the links that I used:

Post will update with further reasearch and your feedback, feel free to criticize, as I am new to this stuff.

May make this into a table with mentioning switch types later, with more knowledge of switch types.
UPD: this format seem to satisfy everyone, as no complains are seen. Editing would take too much time, anyway. Proves can be found by visiting refered pages, thanks for reading!

Quite useful, thanks!

Wow thank you for this. :D

So bookmarked. And great first post!

Thank you all for good words.  ;D One more Canon (QS 100) turned out to be membrane (I guess), list updated. More


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