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[IC] Derivative R1 | 60% | Design Decisions, all color / layout renders [Dec 16]

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R0 edges look way better for me

What layout support will there be from the plate and PCB?

Hi folks, just want to announce some decisions that I ended up moving towards for this project. I mulled it over and want this project to be the best it can be for its upcoming run. I estimate all will be ready to go some time in Q1 2023.

- I have decided to bring back the two-piece weight design from the original run. I had originally wanted to cut down on that in this run to help reduce the cost, as well as help differentiate the original units from the upcoming. I realized that this was artificially limiting the design; the contrasting polished steel logo was a really nice touch from the original IMO and ultimately decided to continue to improve and put out the best product I can, rather than dial it back.

- Bottom case has been redesigned. The through-weight's external dimensions have been modified to be noticeably longer, creating better proportions with the bottom case. In addition there's a 'moat' added around the weight on the bottom case, to increase the apparent dimensions of the weight - this is done because I've already increased the weight dimensions to their limits, and needed to extend the weight's 'design' without actually stretching the weight further.Originally the name of the board was present on the weight's corners, balanced by the "R0" engraving. Since there's no R0, the "DERIVATIVE" engraving is added to the bottom of the case.

- Internal design of the weight has been reworked to center around the screws, especially now that I've decided to keep the two-piece weight.

- The previously rendered colors have been scrapped. I'm going to be selecting new colors that I find more interesting and 'sophisticated'. I want this project to be versatile as both an enthusiast board, and to be able to imagine it as a premium keyboard sitting in an office - the bold, bright, and saturated colors will likely take a backseat.

So far the colors I've settled on are:

* NEW: Mercury (Silver)
* NEW: Clay (Clay)
* Asphalt (dark gray)
* NEW: Amphibian ('Green')

I ordered GMK British Racing Green. I think the asphalt and possibly the clay would look great with that set. The new old weight looks great. The 'green' in quotes is interesting.

Love every single one of these changes :p
new colors are unique and I can already tell it's going to be a challenge to figure out which one to pick up during gb


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