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[IC] Vortex Model M SSK KIT | Prototype Arrived

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2022,7,26We would like to thank all of you who had responded and gave suggestions to us. Your opinion matters a lot!
Right now, we would like to know WKL or TKL do all of you prefer more.
Don't worry, both layout will be available no matter which layout got more votes!
The link to the questionnaire will be posted down below
(No email required, just one question)

WKL or TKL ?

IC is still live, don't forget to check it out and give us suggestions if you want!
Thank you all in advance!

IC Form | Our Website | Discord

Last year, we shared one of our render, which is Model M
Right now, we are closer to making it come true.
So, are you interest in Model M SSK kit?

Units, Pricing, Vendors are not yet decided
Since this is still under product development, some information are still unsure and missing
We will update those once we gathered all the information!
And please give us more opinion on this product if possible
All of your suggestions could possibly be in our products' final decisions!

IC has started on our website and more renders will be available there
Go check it out and share your opinions if you are interested

IC form is really short, it will take you less than 1 min!

-Layout Options: ANSI/ISO
-Hot Swap PCB
-QMK / vial Firmware
-Gasket Mount Structure
-USB-C Interface
-Case Material : Aluminum
-Case Color Options: Black/Space Grey/Silver/Blue/Green/Pink/E-Retro White
-Weight: Approximately 2kg
-Aluminum Case x1 (Top and Botton)
-PCB x2 (Main PCB And Upper Row PCB)
-Aluminum Plate x1
-Poron PCB Foam x2 (PCB and Case)
-Gasket x1 set
-Vortex Aluminum Badge x1
-Screws Set x1
-Rubber Feet x1
-Hex Key x1

Thank you all in advance for joining our IC !

Instagram | Discord | Facebook

Prototype is here! In the color Black.
Our Model M SSK KIT comes with a carrying bag.

These photo are just for references, switches and keycap are not included in our Model M SSK KIT.
more photos and details will be updated later!


We would like to know which plate material do you like the most for our Model M SSK KIT
please join our Discord to answer the poll
If you don't have a discord, you can answer it on this Google Form

Oh boi do I love this

Looks fantastic! Hope you go with the WKL layout.

Posting an IC without an IC form is just an ad that does not belong in IC section. Post has no details on units, pricing, vendors etc. If everything is on your website, why even bother posting here

Pls make a plastic version. Also will there be wkl version? The colour options renders show wkl.


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