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[IC] GMK Frost Witch 2

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GMK Frost Witch 2

Hi everyone! Adam still loves Emilia.

After deliberation with the designer of GMK Frost Witch, megaforce, we would like to let you all know that a rerun of Frost Witch is going to happen soon! The original GMK Frost Witch run was over 2 years ago, and since there seems to be a pretty significant demand we thought it a good time for this set to be rerun. There are some pretty drastic kitting changes from the first set, as well as usage of the updated hiragana legends. We invite you to participate in this buy, and hope you'll enjoy it.

The GB will be running from August 19 to September 16.



Regional Vendors (Proxies)
USA: Switchmod Keyboards
Europe: Oblotzky Industries
China: ZFrontier
Asia: iLumKB
Australia: Daily Clack
MX: Rheset
CA: DeskHero
UK: Prototypist
KR: Swagkeys

Vendorwide Pricing (will be updated as prices are given)

Switchmod Keyboards (USA)
Base: $135
Novelty: $30
Latin Addon: $60

Oblotzky Industries (EU)
Base: TBA
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

ZFrontier (CN)
Base: 969.0
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

iLum (Asia)
Base: TBA
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

Daily Clack (AU)
Base: TBA
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

Deskhero (CA)
Base: TBA
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

Rheset (MX)
Base: $3,099 mxn
Novelties: $679 mxn
Latin addon: $1,299 mxn

Prototypist (UK)
Base: TBA
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

Swagkeys (KR)
Base: TBA
Novelty: TBA
Latin Addon: TBA

Extra sale items


Artwork by @izzymelz

Hibi Caps Collab

These are some pictures that I've asked of from the Switchmod Keyboards discord for use in this IC. While the colors remain the same, the legends shown in these pictures will not be accurate to the legends that we will be using on the group buy.

Picture by LDLag1

Picture by Idyllic

Picture by Hinkerbottom

Picture by PacBear

Picture by jr2417

I'd like to extend a big thanks to Adam, the designer of the set. Oblotzky, who did the renders. I'd also like to thank OneCreativeMind, as he designed the original novelties that we will be reprising for Frost Witch 2. Lastly, everyone else, there are a lot of you, thanks for the support.

If you'd like to keep up with this set and Switchmod Keyboards' future projects, my discord is at Thank you!

Kit developments can still be made at this time, we trimmed down and modified the kits heavily but any worthwhile caps that we overlooked could still possibly be added - please let us know.


This is not an IC.

Now it is.  :thumb:




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