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[IC]Real Gaming Keyboard Genesis8K 8000Hz PCB.

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Hai Jin Yun:

Real Gaming Keyboard PCB Project Genesis8K "KKANG"

Until now, there were no professional custom keyboard PCB specs for gaming.

You can now create a more complete and world's fastest high-performance custom keyboard.

108 & 87 PCB Layout Specs

  * MicroChip PIC32MZ 32Bit RISC MCU
    - 200MHz Clock
    - 512K Byte Program Memory
    - 128K Byte RAM
  * Hi-Speed USB 2.0 8000Hz Polling Rate
  * RGB LED or 1 Color LED or Non
  * Hot Swap Socket or Solder
  * USB Type-C Port or Unified Daughter Board Connector or Connector

  * TRUE N Key Rollover & Anti-ghosting
  * Debounce Control 5 Step
  * Rollover(Latency) Speed Control 11 Step
  * Win Key Lock & Keys Lock/Unlock
  * Macro Key 10 Channel Record & Play & Speed Select
  * LED Efect
  * LED & KEY Mapping(Next)
  * Virtual Keyboard Mode (Independent Dual Keys Group)
    - Dual Keyboard (Left keys groups + Right keys groups)
    - Dual Rollover
    - Dual Rollover(Latency) Speed Control 11 Step

  * 108 & 87 Keys Full Scan Rate 1MHz Speed
  * All keys have a latency of 0.03mSec ~ 0.15mSec always
  * Polling Rate 8000Hz Speed 100% use
  * Mechanical Switch Chattering Electricity Noise 99% Killing Technology[Patent]
  * Virtual Keyboard Mode & Multi Rollover
  * Windows, PC to MAC, User(Next) Key Page Mode
  * All System Settings Flash Memory & Not Reboot
  * All settings with hotkeys

PCB Type
  * GeonWorks FLOG(H87C) compatible Type
  * GeonWorks F2 compatible Type
  * Graystudio SPACE80 compatible Type
  * Dolphin 2021 Type
  * iKBC TKL Type
  * Core Board Type
  * ect.

  * Looking for
  * contact us

Discord :

What do you prefer?

Self Test Performance ranking
   * There are solutions that measure as precisely as
   1. Genesis8K Mechanical TKL           Latency: 0.45ms (Instrument Latency included)
   2. Corsair K70 RGB TKL OPX            Latency: 0.60ms (Instrument Latency included)
   3. Corsair K70 RGB TKL                   Latency: 0.90ms (Instrument Latency included)
   4. Corsair K100 OPX Midnight Gold   Latency: 1.96ms (Instrument Latency included)
   5. ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE II NX      Latency: 1.2~2.1ms (Instrument Latency included)
   6. Razer Huntsman V2 TKL Linear     Latency: 2.61ms (Instrument Latency included)

PCB samples have been released and beta testing has been completed.

[PCB GeonWorks FLOG(H87C) compatible Prototype]



[OverWatch Figma-Genji]


[Multi Rollover]

[Polling Rate 8000Hz Link Test]

is this alps compatible

7u bottom row and it's "FROG".

Wait so I donít suck at video games? This whole time my keyboard is to blame? Sweet, tossing em all in the trash.

please add 7u bottom row


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