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[IC] 👻 Keykobo Poltergeist 👻 | GB- 24 OCT | $99 Base | $40 Nov

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SxM Designs:

"I am the thing under your bed!​"

Tentative Pricing

Base Kit      : $99
Novelty Kit   : $40
Spacebar Kit  : $12

Manufacturer  : Keykobo               
Profile       : Cherry               
Meteral       : Doubleshot ABS plastic
Lead time     : 6 Months after GB ends
GB Date       : October end           

Keykobo already had a chinese only GB for a different design. Here is a link .
I have the above mentioned set with me. So if you are interested in more closeup pics hit me up in Discord.

Base kit                                                     Novelties Kit

Fright Night                                                     Poltergeist

Disclaimer : The keyboards are for visual purposes and are not included in the set. Colors in the final product may vary since renders are done under idealistic artificial lighting.
Dalco by Hand Engineering

KBD8X MKII by Kbdfans

Fuji by CMM Studios

Nemui by Bachoo

US        : Cannonkeys             
EU        :         
UK        : Protozoa               
CHINA     : ZFrontier             
CANADA    :           
OCEANIA   : Daily Clack           
KOREA     : Swagkeys               

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SxM Designs:

i like the winkeys! they sum up the set pretty well

1.75u spacebar should be 2u

Is this GMK Serenity but with the lights turned off?


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