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KBM Hundred AcresCherry Profile
ByBeesley & Cthalupa

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Public Domain
At the start of 2022, the first Winnie-the-Pooh book entered the public domain, including both the writing of author A.A. Milne and illustrator E.H. Shepard, allowing the artwork and story to be used without requirement to be licensed by Disney.
We have made a conscious decision to stick to the main artwork from the book for all of our novelty drawings, with minor adjustments to make them suitable for DyeSub.
Our goal is to recapture the whimsy and childhood delight embodied by Pooh Bear and his friends - please join us in our adventure to the Hundred Acre Woods!



DeskmatsDeskmap designed by Cartographybird Maps

CollabsKeybee Metal Artisans

Renders - By Beesley
Slab65 - By Timothy
Iron65 - Smith & Rune

Beak - Stilou Studio

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GB Details
GB Date: 1st January 2023
Global - KeyBee
Due to differences in international laws around copyright and the public domain, Winnie-the-Pooh is not yet in the public domain across the globe. As we are committed to following the relevant laws, we are utilising Otakeebs as our global vendor. This partnership includes efforts to ship from local fulfilment centers to minimize the cost of shipping for customers across the globe.

KBM Honey Switches

LinearTop Material: PCStem: UPE (UHMWPE Blend)Bottom: Nylon
67g Double Gold Spring
62g Double Gold Spring
Beesley Discord Server
Cthalupa Discord Server

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Special thanks to everyone who supported us through the design of of this setOtaBen, Jack, SpikedSynapse & ImperfectLinkAn even bigger thanks to my Fiancée for putting up with doing all of this!


ISO novelty is cool. Add r2 Page Up.


--- Quote from: Fraaaan on Fri, 30 September 2022, 16:18:19 ---Reserved.

ISO novelty is cool. Add r2 Page Up.

--- End quote ---

Accidental deletion from the kit render for the r2 Page Up - we'll have the render updated shortly! Thanks for pointing this out.

Absolute fire, what a set!

I’d say this is one set where you really need to include full UK ISO rather than just terminal.


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